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Bitufoam - Roof Seal, Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Long Life Roofing Sealant





Bitufoam is a flexible polyurethane foam impregnated with a bitumen solution. Like Ecofoam, it provides a long life seal for moisture, draughts and pests when placed between two surfaces.


The most common application is as a roof seal, placed under roofing and cladding sheets as a profile closure strip. Bitufoam is available in configurations to suit all standard roofing profiles in convenient two metre lengths and has the added benefit of being relatively easy to fit under roofing profiles after the roof has been fixed. When compressed, bitufoam makes a full recovery back to original size.


Bitufoam is also used to seal around windows, ventilation units and air conditioning units.


Important note: there is no carbon black used either as a filler or in its chemical composition. Bitufoam can be used with confidence in conjunction with steel products coated with Zincalume and Colorsteel. Read more.


Specifying foam for your project is easy. Use our Bitufoam specification templates and simply cut and paste them into your plans.


When ordering, please use the following product codes.


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