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Ecofoam Long Life Flexible Seal for Roofing, Cladding, and Windows



Ecofoam Long Life Flexible Seal


Ecofoam provides a long life seal for moisture, draughts and pests when placed between two surfaces. It has industrial, domestic, institutional and commercial uses.


The most common application is under roofing and cladding sheets as a profile closure strip. Ecofoam is sold in all common roofing profiles. It is also used to seal around windows, ventilation units and air conditioning units, and under translucent sheeting such as skylights.


Ecofoam is a closed cell product produced using polyethylene, which is commonly used in life jackets and contains no water soluble constituents. It has no nutritional value so it is not a food source for rodents, insects or other pests and is lightweight and very easy to use. Ecofoam is compatible with Zincalume and Colorsteel products.


With a high tensile and tear strength, Ecofoam is resistant when exposed to most chemicals and oil derivatives. It is manufactured from premium grade virgin raw material, not laminated waste. Ecofoam won’t dust or crumble and can withstand repeated compression.

The profile ends are dovetailed where the profile is big enough for interlocking to maintain a constant seal.


Ecofoam is supplied as standard in concrete grey, a colour which is neutral under translucent sheeting. It is biologically and physically inert and has UV absorbing qualities. Ecofoam can also be supplied in a variety of colours with pricing on request.


It is available in both trade packs and in DIY packs.


Specifying foam for your project is easy. Use our Ecofoam specification templates and simply cut and paste them into your plans.


When ordering, please use the product codes listed.


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